I provide the service of Heir Searching - The service of finding unclaimed money then locating and notifying the rightful owner or heir for a fee. I am passionate about helping people, companies or organizations be reunited with unclaimed money that is due to them.

There are two solutions that I use to approach this. The first is I offer potential unclaimed money searches for a fee to anyone who wishes to find out if they have unclaimed money due to them. The potential unclaimed money search is available immediately. Find out if there is unclaimed money out there with your name on it and go to the Search Page now! The second solution is that I locate unclaimed money, then find and contact the rightful owner to that money. I then offer the service of reuniting the unclaimed fund to the owner for a fee.

I am proud to deliver solutions that go beyond the usual approaches that other companies or organizations offer for similar services. Unclaimed Assets of Canada Consulting Ltd. draws upon a comprehensive, integrated approach that is unique to us. I choose to deal with each Client as their Agent to provide quality service. Unclaimed Assets of Canada Consulting Ltd. is independent and unaffiliated in any way with any existing company, corporation, organization or financial institution.


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