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I provide the service of Heir Searching - The service of finding unclaimed money then locating and notifying the rightful owner or heir for a fee. I am passionate about helping people, companies or organizations be reunited with unclaimed money that is due to them.

All business is conducted by myself, John Yaniuk using my Corporate Phone and Fax Numbers, Corporate E-mail and Corporate Mailing Address found on the bottom of this page. I have never had, nor currently have employees, nor do I hire any third parties to act on my behalf, and this policy will never ever change for security reasons. If you have any questions or concerns you may contact me via phone or E-mail.

SPECIAL NOTE: The services of Unclaimed Assets of Canada Consulting Ltd. do not include alleged winnings from lotteries, raffles, casinos or similar gambling. Nor does it include alleged winnings of gift cards, vacations or any types of vehicles.

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Please feel free to peruse the remainder of this website for more details on our unclaimed money search. Again, welcome and thank you for the opportunity and privilege to offer you our services.

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John Yaniuk
President, Unclaimed Assets of Canada Consulting Ltd.



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